The Implementation phase of Emory's Quality Enhancement Plan (The Nature of Evidence) is now complete.

This website will be archived later this year, and at that time we will provide information about final reports from the project.

For any general questions about future initiatives related to this QEP or any future QEP plans, please contact Emory's Academic Planning unit in the Office of Planning and Administration under the Office of the Provost.

Outside the Classroom

The Co-Curricular component of the QEP is designed to help students think about evidence in an interdisciplinary context and to facilitate true student engagement with the academic use of evidence outside the classroom.

Evidence Week

Evidence Week is one element of the Co-Curricular Component. Evidence Week takes place during fall semester and is linked to first year orientation course: Emory College Seminar 101. Students choose from a number of different Evidence Sessions. Each session involves an interactive talk with two faculty members from different disciplines. The faculty talk about differences and similarities in the nature of evidence in their disciplines.

Course Mini-Grants

Starting with the Spring 2017 semester, the QEP allocated funds for classes to support learning about evidence connected to a class experience

The purpose of the grants was to promote evidence-focused co-curricular activities connected to classroom content. Example uses include, but were not limited to:

    • Funding for field trips 
    • Honoraria for outside speakers
    • Food for a class discussion or outside activity around evidence
    • Purchasing additional class materials related to hands on work with evidence

Emory College Faculty who taught courses that primarily enrolled first-year students (e.g. first-year seminars, 100-level courses) or were centrally focused on evidence (e.g., upper level seminars developed during the QEP Evidence Faculty Workshop) received these grants.