Outside the Classroom

The Co-Curricular component of the QEP is designed to help students think about evidence in an interdisciplinary context and to facilitate true student engagement with the academic use of evidence outside the classroom.

The Co-Curricular component is comprised of two distinct elements: Evidence Week, where students hear about the nature of evidence from different faculty members as part of their PACE orientation course, and Evidence-Focused Course Mini-Grants, a funding opportunity for instructors teaching first-year students to allow them to integrate a co-curricular experience about evidence into their class.

Evidence Week

Evidence Week is for all first-year students as part of their PACE Orientation course. Students will hear faculty in different disciplines explain, compare, and contrast the role of evidence in their fields. Students will learn about:

  • Why evidence is important in a variety of academic disciplines

  • How the definition of “evidence” varies between multiple disciplines

  • How evidence is similar or different in different disciplines 

  • Why understanding evidence is relevant regardless of your future career plans

Please click here to learn about this year's sessions.

For Faculty: Click here or contact qep.director@emory.edu for more information about how you can participate or integrate this event in to your first-year seminar.

Course Mini-Grants

Starting with the Spring 2017 semester, the QEP has allocated funds for classes to support learning about evidence connected to a class experience. Eligibility and application details are below.

Purpose: To promote evidence-focused co-curricular activities connected to classroom content. Example uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation/tickets for field trips
  • Honoraria/travel expenses for outside speakers
  • Food for a class discussion or outside activity
  • Purchasing additional class materials

Eligibility: Any instructor of an Emory College course that either: a) enrolls primarily first-year students (e.g. first-year seminars, 100-level courses) or b) is centrally focused on evidence (e.g., upper level seminars developed during the QEP Evidence Faculty Workshop). Many courses may be eligible, depending on the composition of students in your class or the focus of the course. If you are not sure if your course qualifies, email qep.director@emory.edu.

Application: Send a brief paragraph (4-5 sentences) to qep.director@emory.edu including:

  • Amount requested (up to $500)
  • How the funds will be used
  • How these funds will enhance learning about evidence in your class
  • (If available) Syllabus for course

Deadline: Rolling application. Funding decisions are made within 2-3 weeks from the time of application; notification will be sent promptly. You may apply for a course you are currently teaching or for a future semester. Allocated funds are distributed on a rolling basis by semester.

Details: QEP Staff will transfer funds to your teaching/research account, in coordination with your department administrator. You are responsible for coordinating any event logistics/reimbursements with your department once the funds are transferred.

For questions or to submit your application, please email qep.director@emory.edu.