The Implementation phase of Emory's Quality Enhancement Plan (The Nature of Evidence) is now complete.

This website will be archived later this year, and at that time we will provide information about final reports from the project.

For any general questions about future initiatives related to this QEP or any future QEP plans, please contact Emory's Academic Planning unit in the Office of Planning and Administration under the Office of the Provost.

Evidence at Emory

The Nature of Evidence: How Do You Know? introduces students to the concept of evidence in an academic environment through short, engaging videos that students watch before they arrive at Emory.

These "Evidence at Emory" videos feature faculty discussing issues of evidence as they would in their classes or in their research. Through these videos, students learn more about how evidence plays a role in everything we do at Emory and become more familiar with some of the exciting research from faculty in different disciplines.

Visit our video gallery to see the current collection of Evidence at Emory videos!