Charge to the Committee

The QEP Assessment Committee will have primary responsibility for all QEP assessment efforts. Some elements of the QEP Assessment will be integrated into the committees for each component; this committee is charged to find/adapt existing instruments/measures, document external validity of these instruments, determine necessary logistics of assessment efforts (e.g. timing (phases, revisions), staffing, and budget), assist in implementation of assessment, assist in tracking and evaluating results from initial assessments; revise as necessary for further implementation; etc.


Chair: Tracy Scott - QEP Director, Sociology

Scott Lilienfeld - Faculty Representative, Psychology

Lane DeNicola - Emory College Representative (Director of Institutional Research)

David JordanOIRPE Representative (Director of Institutional Effectiveness)

Brandy Simula - QEP Post-Doctoral Fellow

Faith ChamberlainQEP Program Coordinator