Charge to the Committee

The Steering Committee oversees the entirety of the QEP implementation, ensures the QEP progresses on track to meet our goals for accreditation, and advises the QEP Director, Program Coordinator, and all other QEP Committees, particularly around critical decisions or phases of the implementation and the Introductory Component.


Chair: Tracy Scott - QEP Director, Sociology

Faculty Representatives:

        Sarah McPheeArt History

        Pamela ScullyWomen’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; African Studies

        Eric WeeksPhysics

Joanne Brzinski - Office of Undergraduate Education Representative

David Jordan - Office of Institutional Research Practice and Effectiveness (OIRPE) Representative

Edward Lee - Executive Director of Forensics for the Barkley Forum, Campus Life Representative

Wayne Morse - Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) Representative

Isabelle Saldana - Undergraduate Representative

Joey Shea - Alumni Representative