Evidence Week

Evidence Week, as a section of their PACE orientation course, will introduce first-year students to the nature of evidence in an interdisciplinary academic setting. Based on feedback after last year’s Evidence Town Hall, we learned that students would like a chance for more direct, personalized interaction with faculty surrounding issues of evidence. In their PACE classes, students will hear pairs of faculty (representing different disciplinary areas) discuss:

  1. Why evidence is important in their disciplines
  2. What the term “evidence” means in their disciplne
  3. How is evidence similar or different in your partner’s discipline?
  4. Why is understanding evidence relevant for students at Emory in general?

Pairs of faculty from all around the College have volunteered to speak about this important topic (from Spanish and Human Health to History and Environmental Sciences). The concept of evidence will be made more concrete for students through examples in a variety of disciplines, and students will have a chance to discuss the nature of evidence with faculty directly.

Fall 2017 Evidence Week Speakers

Peggy Barlett Anthropology and Lori C. Teague Dance/Theater
Shan Muhktar ESL and Brandy Simula Sociology
Rong Cai REALC and Eri Saikawa Environmental Sciences
Maria Carrion Comparative Literature and Cassandra Quave Human Health
Joseph Crespino History and Craig Hadley Anthropology
Cheryl Crowley REALC / Japanese and Eric Weeks Physics
Arri Eisen Biology / ILA and Mark Risjord Philosophy / ILA
Tracy McGill Chemistry and Peter Wakefield ILA
Liv Nilsson Stutz Anthropology and Angela Porcarelli French and Italian