Faculty Development Workshop

Information and applications for the 2019 Faculty Development Workshop will be available in early November.

While applications have closed for the Summer 2018 workshop, this workshop will be offered each year of the QEP. All faculty who would like to participate are encouraged to apply for a future workshop.

Workshop Purpose

The QEP Faculty Development Workshop serves a dual purpose.

  1. The workshop will bring faculty together to help each other hone their courses to be evidence-focused, based on criteria developed by the QEP Classroom Component Committee.
  2. Workshop participants assist with the development of the evidence-focused criteria and assessment of the QEP.

Summer 2019 Workshop


May 15, 16, 17 (2019)

Times: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Requirements of Workshop Participants

  • Attendance at all workshop sessions
  • Submission of a syllabus incorporating the Evidence-Focused criteria
  • Commitment to teach your evidence-focused seminar in 2019-2020   
  • Allowing your seminar course to participate in QEP Assessment

Overview of Evidence-Focused Course Criteria

We realize that many of you already teach courses that focus on evidence. For these QEP Workshops, we are looking for faculty willing to revise their current courses or create new courses to fit the specific Evidence-Focused Criteria that our QEP Classroom Component Implementation Committee has developed. The criteria involve the focus and structure of the course (not specific content). A wide variety of courses have already been taught under these criteria, from Physics to Theater. Based on the experiences of faculty who have already participated, we believe the criteria are flexible enough to accommodate any substantive content.

Want more information?

If you would like more information about the workshop, please contact qep.director@emory.edu