The Implementation phase of Emory's Quality Enhancement Plan (The Nature of Evidence) is now complete.

This website will be archived later this year, and at that time we will provide information about final reports from the project.

For any general questions about future initiatives related to this QEP or any future QEP plans, please contact Emory's Academic Planning unit in the Office of Planning and Administration under the Office of the Provost.

ECDS Blog: Archival annotations made easy with Readux open source software

January 30, 2018 - Emory Center for Digital Scholarship Blog

Access to archival materials is being extended onto laptops and into classrooms through the open source software Readux, developed by technologists at Emory University for use in research, pedagogy, publishing, and public scholarship.

ECDS is currently working on a Readux project with Senior Lecturer Tracy L. Scott, faculty director of Emory’s Nature of Evidence program that develops first-year student engagement with primary evidence, to enable students to browse and annotate digitized documents from NASA’s Apollo 15 lunar mission led by her father, astronaut David R. Scott.

Emory Report: Evidence-focused seminars ask first-year students, "How do you know?"

November 9, 2017 - April Hunt for the Emory Report

How do you know what you know? For the third year in a row, Emory College first-year students are confronting that question in courses ranging from anthropology to religion and dance to physics.

Emory Report: Science writing course helps students to evaluate evidence

December 14, 2016 - April Hunt for the Emory Report

Powering up on vitamin C to avoid getting sick during cold season could be a low-stakes version of the now-ridiculous belief that Earth is the center of the universe.

Both are common beliefs of their time. Yet skepticism and critical thinking, driven by science, helped to prove that Earth revolved around the sun and likewise has revealed that — unless you’re a marathoner or soldier in extremely cold temperatures — extra ascorbic acid isn’t likely to keep you from falling ill.

“If you have a better understanding of the history of knowledge, you realize the things we think are true now are going to change, and you have to be open to that new learning,” says Douglas Mulford, senior lecturer of chemistry and the director of undergraduate studies for Emory's chemistry department. 

Mulford’s first-year seminar, “How Do We Know That: 2,500 years of Great Science Writing,” aims to help students develop those skills by delving into scientific claims of the past and present as well as the ethics that go with scientific advancement.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: If Skills Are the New Canon, Are Colleges Teaching Them?

April 3rd, 2016 - Dan Berrett for The Chronicle of Higher Education

Dan Berrett explores the trend in higher education towards teaching skills rather than content, and presents Emory's QEP as an example of a unique curricular innovation designed to address this movement.

"For a long time, disciplinary content was king. Now just about everyone agrees that students should learn skills like critical thinking. What's trickier is how."

Emory Report: Evidence Town Hall examines "flat Earth Hoax."

October 8th, 2015 - Laura Douglas-Brown for the Emory Report

"When Christopher Columbus attempted to get to India by sailing west instead of heading east, he was also setting out to prove the Earth is round, right? Wrong."

Read more about the inaugural Evidence Town Hall here:

Emory Report: How do you know? New first year seminars shine spotlight on evidence.

August 25, 2015 - Laura Douglas-Brown for the Emory Report

How do you know if the color you call "red" is the same as what others perceive? How do you know what a character in a play is feeling? How do you know anything about the deep human past, since, of course, no one was documenting it in the ways we do now?

Students in the Class of 2019 will explore these questions and many more as Emory debuts its inaugural evidence-focused first-year seminars, the culmination of years of planning that ended with a new educational initiative praised as a model for other universities.

Emory News: Her father's trip to the moon showed her the power of evidence

April 27th, 2015 - Emory News, republished from eScienceCommons

eScienceCommons: Her father's trip to the moon showed her the power of evidence

Emory News: Emory prepares for QEP site visit

March 14th, 2014 - Kimber Williams for Emory News

LITS Online News: Know our QEP....SACS is coming!

March 7th, 2014 - Dawn Francis-Chewning for ScholarBlogs (LITS Online News)

Emory news: Emory rolls out Quality Enhancement Plan

January 16th, 2014 - Rhona Mullen for Emory News