The Implementation phase of Emory's Quality Enhancement Plan (The Nature of Evidence) is now complete.

This website will be archived later this year, and at that time we will provide information about final reports from the project.

For any general questions about future initiatives related to this QEP or any future QEP plans, please contact Emory's Academic Planning unit in the Office of Planning and Administration under the Office of the Provost.

Video Gallery

Browse through our video collection to find out more about the development and implementation of the QEP. Make sure to check out the first set of Evidence at Emory videos, part of first-year student orientation!

An Introduction to Evidence at Emory

Dr. Tracy Scott, Director of the QEP, shares the origins of her personal interest in evidence and the importance of evidence in school and in life in general.

Evidence at Emory - Dance

Sally Radell and members of the Emory Dance Company demonstrate the importance of recognizing the evidence in your body, especially through the breath.

Evidence at Emory - History

Dr. Daniel LaChance discusses the role of evidence in the legal system compared to academia.

Evidence at Emory - Linguistics

Dr. Marjorie Pak discusses how evidence helps us solve problems and answer questions about how we understand language.

Evidence at Emory - Psychology

Dr. Scott Lilienfeld talks about confirmation bias, tunnel vision, and using evidence to evaluate the world around us.

Evidence at Emory - Environmental Sciences

Dr. Anthony Martin and Dorothy Stearns (16C) discuss how to interpret behavior you did not see through observations of evidence in Lullwater Park.

Evidence at Emory - African-American Studies

Dr. Carol Anderson and Matt Zhang (17B) explore some newly uncovered evidence regarding the role of the World Bank in the 1950's.

Evidence at Emory - Art History

Dr. Sarah McPhee discusses the use of a special set of evidence in Art History (a map made by Giovanni Battista Falda in 1676 ) to recreate Ancient Rome in a virtual gaming platform.

Evidence at Emory - Physics

Dr. Eric Weeks and Janna Lowensohn (15C) talk about the role of evidence in physics research at Emory

QEP Implementation Overview

Dr. Tracy Scott, Director of Emory's QEP in the Implementation Phase, discusses the importance of primary evidence in the structure of the new Quality Enhancement Plan for Undergraduates.

QEP Development: An Introduction

Dr. Pamela Scully, Director of Emory's QEP in the Development Phase, introduces The Nature of Evidence as Emory's QEP Topic.  Our goal is to make an encounter with evidence—whether an original manuscript, a pottery shard, or a genetic chain—a part of every Emory student's education.

Evidence Town Hall

Video of our first Evidence Town Hall on October 14th, 2015. The topic was "Evidence, Authority, and the Flat Earth Hoax."